We work to create solutions for our customers that make their business profitable, faster and more friendly to people and the environment. Our company provides complete solutions of automation systems tailored to the needs of the clients.

We are flexible in our work. We can provide only selected elements, for example, only the execution of the I&C project or the software itself and the commissioning of the system.

Our goal is for clients to know that each project is possible, regardless of the size, complexity level or technical conditions.

Relations with the clients are extremely important to us, which is why we provide care at every stage of the project implementation, as well as in the post-warranty period.

I&C design
We make automation projects in accordance with the recommendations and guidelines of the end customer. We use the required equipment and the required standards, such as markings (KKS), the layout of elements on the page, and the colors of the wires. Depending on the given order, we select control and measurement equipment and automation, based on our many years of experience in the projects. When designing, we use the latest WSCAD software.

Construction of I&C cabinets and field assembly
On the basis of the I&C design, we complete and install control cabinets in accordance with the highest standards. We have the resources to build a dozen or so automation cabinets at the same time. Each control cabinet before the departure is fully tested.
Our company also offers field assembly, which we carry out in accordance with the recommendations and requirements of the given industrial facilities.

Automation system software
Our team of programmers carries out projects based on PLC controllers of companies such as Siemens, Allan Bradley, Beckhoff, Wago, Saia, ABB, Unitronics. As part of the order, we provide a visualization and control systems using, inter alia, WinCC, Indusoft, Wonderware, Citect, Cimplicity, Asix. We create reporting systems and exchange data with superior systems using database mechanisms.

In order to meet the expectations of the clients, we offer remote viewing of the facility using a mobile application.

Site commissioning 
During the commissioning work, we optimize the operation of the automation system controlling the technological process so that it is as effective as possible. We adjust the start-up time to the requirements of the end customer - start-up without interruption of the system operation or start-up during a limited time of standstill.

Service training and as-built documentation
As part of the order, we carry out the necessary training for the personnel operating the automation system. We provide complete as-built documentation containing the current I&C project, technical documentation of individual devices and operating instructions.

Warranty and post-warranty care
We understand that the first period after commissioning is crucial for the service staff, therefore we stay in constant contact, supporting them with our knowledge. During the warranty period, we connect the system to the Internet, which enables remote assistance in detecting potential problems. This solution is optimal, especially in the case of remote installations, minimizing the response time. After the warranty period, we offer service care, which greatly increases the customer's sense of security.