Waste sorting system control

Design, delivery of I&C cabinets, installation of cable routes, software and start-up of a waste sorting plant. The waste sorting line consists of approximately 40 devices (feeders, separators, press, manual sorting, etc.). The software was realized on the Siemens S7 controller and the WinCC system. The visualization system allows to fully manage the facility, giving a choice of all the possible ways of waste transfer. The system presents the current condition of the facility and reacts appropriately to emergency situations (conveyors "behind" the failure finished their work, conveyors "before" the failure are stopped immediately). Additionally, in the event of a computer failure, all of the control and preview operations of the waste separation line can be performed from the Siemens operator panel.

Scope of works:

  • electrical design
  • delivery of cabinets and installation of cable routes
  • Siemens S7-315 driver software
  • system commissioning and object tests